1 Introduction

This material was prepared (using rmarkdown and github) for a three-hour virtual session to teach Git and Github to a graduate-level course on Advanced Ecological Data Analysis taught at Rutgers University by Malin Pinsky and Rachael Winfree. (However, the only course-specific material is Section 4; the rest should be applicable to any reader.) Feel free to reach out to me at any time; there are lots of ways to get in touch on my website.

I prepared this tutorial, but I can’t take credit for it! This was created based on materials made public by generous members of the open science community, including:

1.1 Motivation

There are a number of reasons to transition to a coding workflow that integrates git and github.

Here’s a screenshot of the folder containing my senior thesis drafts from college (just the versions from the night it was due!)

In the words of Grant McDermott, an economist at the University of Oregon: